About us

About us

Founded in 2002, Profen Satellite Services provides radio and broadcasting services based on satellite technology and Internet/data telecommunications. It offers system integration and infrastructure services throughout markets in Turkey, Turkic Republics, the Middle East and Africa.

Profen Satellite Services continues to expand its activities across all satellite communication technologies, including continuous and temporary service capacity in radio and television broadcasting, as well as license consultancy services, uplink systems, A/V transfer solutions, SNG services, CDN (Web Streaming) and IP TV solutions.

Holding operator licenses issued by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), Profen Satellite Services can provide broadband Internet and data services, in addition to corporate communications services by using VSAT solutions such as SCPC and TDMA technologies. With its SOTM technologies, it also offers Mobile VSAT services.

Profen Group

Established in 1995, Profen is a global group company with an in-house Research & Development center that provides products and services in the following major markets: Communications Technologies, Defence Technologies, Teleport and Satellite Network Services, Broadcast & Media, EPC and Life Sciences. With its headquarters in Istanbul and branch offices in Ankara, Konya, Baku and Tewkesbury (United Kingdom), Profen delivers innovative and high technology solutions to customers worldwide.

Profen Group companies, composed of Profen Communication Technologies, Profen Defence Technologies, Profen Satellite Services, Profen Engineering, Profen UK, and Greenorm, pull in expertise and knowledge from a broad spectrum of industries ranging from commercial product lines to classified military projects. Each company invests time and money to ensure that its staff are fully trained to meet current and future technical advances in all related business fields. This in turn ensures timely delivery of projects of any size and budget with a team of highly experienced personnel having excellent project management and communication skills enabling them to overcome challenging circumstances where security along with cultural, ethnic and environmental factors are determining.